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Land TypeAcresSquare Ft.Actual FrontageEff. FrontageDepthNo Of UnitsAdjusted RateValue
A9Limited Use1.50 00.00 0.000.000$200$300
AHHomesite1.00 00.00 0.000.000$18,500$18,500
A5Tillable84.50 00.00 0.000.000$6,000$481,650

CAUV Land Lines
Land Type Soil Type Acres Adjusted Rate Value
CP - CropCAB - CANFIELD14.75$2,190$32,290
CP - CropCAC2 - CANFIELD5.59$1,750$9,780
CP - CropCHC - CHILI-WOOSTER COMPLEX2.53$1,170$2,960
CP - CropGFB - GLENFORD SILT LOAM1.17$2,390$2,810
CP - CropRNB - RAVENNA0.51$1,090$550
CP - CropSH - SHOALS7.21$2,740$19,760
CP - CropWSB - WOOSTER SILT LOAM18.51$2,230$41,290
CP - CropWSC - WOOSTER13.05$1,930$25,190
CP - CropWSD2 - WOOSTER SILT LOAM0.93$1,220$1,130
CP - CropWSE - WOOSTER3.05$230$700
WD - WoodlandCAB - CANFIELD0.65$1,190$770
WD - WoodlandGFB - GLENFORD SILT LOAM0.19$1,390$270
WD - WoodlandSH - SHOALS4.95$850$4,210
WD - WoodlandWSB - WOOSTER SILT LOAM1.72$1,230$2,110
WD - WoodlandWSC - WOOSTER6.47$930$6,020
WD - WoodlandWSD2 - WOOSTER SILT LOAM1.35$230$310
WD - WoodlandWSE - WOOSTER3.38$230$780
IMPR TypeDescriptionAreaLengthWidthYear BuiltValue
AdditionPR2 Porch Frame - Enclosed192 SQ FT
AdditionPR2 Porch Frame - Enclosed36 SQ FT
AdditionWD1 Wood Deck144 SQ FT
AdditionGR1 Garage Frame1408 SQ FT
AdditionPT1 Patio Concrete120 SQ FT
FeatureW/S Well & Septic1
Other Improvement154 Barn Fr Pole Encl/Slab26466342200417700
Other Improvement60 Shed Utility 1600101999525
Other Improvement76 Gazebo Frame 14412121998525

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Property Sketch
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Last Updated: 2/23/2024